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AiRTX International

Welcome to AiRTX, the Air Research Technology Company. We specialize in compressed air productivity tool technology, offering you the most innovative, cost-saving, environmentally friendly industrial solutions available. After applying our products to all types of processes for over 15 years, we bring you the benefit of our experience and expertise, along with a product line unsurpassed in quality.

AiRTX Cabinet Coolers

Cabinet Coolers - Efficient, Cost Effective, Environmentally Sound Cooling

AiRTX Cabinet Coolers provide environmentally friendly, low cost cooling for electronic control panels in hot and hazardous conditions. They condition the air inside electrical enclosures, eliminating downtime due to heat, dirt and moisture. The AiRTX cabinet coolers incorporate a vortex tube to produce cold air from compressed air, without the use of moving parts.
AiRTX Wedges

Wedges - Highest Thrust of any Blow-Off Nozzle. NO SHIMS!

When your particular application requires a thin flow of air with a high thrust of power, the AiRTX Air Saver High Thrust Wedges are designed for you.
AiRTX Vortex Tubes

Vortex Tubes - Instant Cold or Hot Air - from -40F to 230F - From Ordinary Compressed Air

Starting with corrosion-resistant, food-grade Stainless Steel as the principal material of construction, AiRTX designers have optimized every aspect of Vortex Tube design for convenience, dependable performance, and long-lasting service.
AiRTX Air Nozzles

Air Nozzles - Designed and Engineered for reliable performance and durability.

AiRTX Air Nozzles are uniquely designed to drastically reduce compressed air consumption. The Air Nozzles harness the power of compressed air to do BIG blow-off, cooling and parts ejection jobs, without spewing raw compressed air and noise all over your plant. They are ideal for anything from a hand-held blow-off gun to multi-unit nozzle manifolds for conveyorized products of transfer lines. Even small air usage applications can show major cost reduction.

AiRTX Vaccum

Industrial Vacuum Systems

AiRTX compressed air operated industrial vacuum systems are superior to conventional shop vacuum systems in many ways. No electricity is required for these light-weight, low cost vacuum systems. With models able to handle both dry material and liquid transfer, as well as hazardous spill pick up, AiRTX vacuum systems are well suited to a variety of industrial vacuum needs.
AiRTX Static Elimination

Static Control Components - Essential for Industrial Applications

Beyond being a general nuisance, static electricity creates serious problems in industrial manufacturing environments. Static in industrial settings can develop on a number of natural and synthetic materials. Not only can electronic systems be damaged by static electricity, shocks can actually result in explosions or fires. That is why static elimination is essential in industrial applications.

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