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Why AiRTX Smart Cleanup?
Tired of buying shop vacs because they wear out or lose their vacuum power so quickly? While these units may be fine for home use the AiRTX line of compressed Air Operated Vacuums are needed for dirty, high volume industrial applications.

AiRTX vacuum products do NOT wear out or have motors that weaken with each use under heavy loads. Vacuum for wet and dry materials is always available when you need it with the AiRTX Vacuum products.


  • No maintenance, no moving parts
  • No motors to wear out
  • High vacuum
  • Variety of products to fit every need
  • 50% quieter than electric vacs
  • Rugged, reliable for industrial use
  • Inexpensive
  • Portable


  • Spill pick-up
  • Liquid transfer,fills 55 gallon barrel in 90 seconds
  • Filling hopper loaders
  • Dry material clean-up
  • Increase vacuum in current systems
  • Portable vacuum operations
  • Cleaning sumps and sludge
  • Increasing flow in current vacuum lines
  • Conveying dry materials quickly and over long distances

Choose the Smart Clean- Up System that is best for your particular application
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